igottajarofdirt said:

Your tumblr is aaammmaazzinnngggg. :)

Thank you!!

Anonymous said:

I would love more gifs with male riders saluting/greeting the judges by touching their helmets

As would I! ;)

I’ll see if I can find more. xD

Anonymous said:

Hey! How do you make GIFS, yours are incredible but and I want to make some but HOW? Thanks :)


I have a tutorial on making a gif and putting a watermark on your gif. If you have anymore questions please let me know. (:

nocturnalequestrian said:

omg your blog is lovely :)

Thank you so much! :3

infinite-bre said:

Love your gifs so much <3 I'd love some silly foal gifs (draft foals are my fav but honestly how can you not like all foals 😂)

Thank you! I’ll look for some when I get back from this birthday party today.

If anyone comes across any videos that you think are gif worthy, feel free to submit. (: