Anonymous said:

Since you're Swedish, do you speak it? I'm Swedish myself :)

That’s awesome! No, I don’t speak Swedish..or German.. I never learned. But would really like to some day!

we-like-it-loud said:

First off even though I'm a new follower I'm already in lovee with your blog! You do a beautiful job! So my question, what's the most difficult horse you've ever worked with and how were they "difficult"?

Thank you so much! (:

I think the most difficult hose I’ve worked with is my current horse. She’s an 11 year old Standardbred. She’s really only saddle broke. I got her the 2nd of February, she’s really already come a long way though. She’s an incredibly nervous horse, she was constantly snorting at everything and spooked at almost everything. We’ve been working on her ground manners, getting over “the scary things”, and basics under saddle. I’m really proud of her, and now actually feel safe around her..for the most part lol.

susanavasconcellos21 said:

i love your tumblr! are you portuguese?

Thank you. (: I’m not, I’m actually Swedish/ German.

Anonymous said:

Hi there! Your gifs are amazing, and I love the way you are so cocky to the haters, haha xD Could you possibly do some more appaloosa/knabstrup gifs? Thank you! xx

Thank you! Haters have nothing better to do, so why not give them some sass? lol I will definitely do that, I don’t think I have very many gifs of them.

Anonymous said:

More gifs of buckskins? My old pony was a buckskin, she passed away recently and I'm just absolutely obsessed with the colour. Thankyou! <3

Will do! I’m sorry to hear about your pony. ): I’m sure she’s having lots of fun galloping through the fields in horsey heaven!